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Throughout our nation's history, millions of immigrants have come in search of freedom, safety, opportunity, and a better life. Many immigrants remain undocumented because they can't afford the services of an immigration attorney, or they become the victims of immigration services scams. We help immigrants from all over the world navigate the complex U.S. immigration process. All of our attorney services are provided pro bono or low bono.



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U.S. Citizenship

Helping permanent residents navigate the process of naturalization to becoming a United States Citizen

Deportation Defense

Representing clients in deportation proceedings before the U.S. Immigration Courts.


Assisting clients through the process of obtaining a visa with ease making their stay a pleasant experience.

Labor Certification

Assisting businesses with labor certifications and employment petitions for permanent residents

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“Our attitude towards immigration reflects our faith in the American ideal. We have always believed it possible for men and women who start at the bottom to rise as far as the talent and energy allow. Neither race nor place of birth should affect their chances.”

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Raleigh Immigration Lawyers prepared my green card petition. In every phase of my case, they provided me with excellent guidance and great expertise. They always gave me advice that was realistic for my complicated situation, and told me about any risks, along with their recommendations. They acted extremely professionally, with the highest degree of ethics, and I got my green card approved because of their hard work. They are nice, patient, and will explain to you in detail everything you need to know. I would highly recommend Raleigh Immigration Lawyers if you want to hire a caring and conscientious attorney. They're awesome.

Petronilla A.

Raleigh Immigration Lawyers is extremely thorough and very knowledgeable about Immigration law and options. They were able to address my complicated immigration situation with clarity and explain exactly what needed to be done. They successfully were able to get my Visa approved even when other attorneys that I had dealt with could not. They kept me informed in every step. I think their communication skills, knowledge, and genuine concern for my situation were really top notch, the best! I would highly recommend Raleigh Immigration Lawyers. I have got my visa.

Louisa J.

My experience with immigration lawyers has been negative in the past until I met Raleigh Immigration Lawyers. The others all just wanted my money and talked to me like I was stupid. Raleigh Immigration Lawyers was different. They listened to my story and concerns over the telephone for 30 minutes. They were very kind and knew a lot so I decided to meet with them. It was the best thing I did. They helped me turn my H2 visa into a green card and then naturalization. They then got a green card for my wife who came illegally to San Diego twice. Now we are together with our children and legally living the American dream.

Miguel H.

Raleigh Immigration Lawyers

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